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Welcome to Hostpokrov Vancouver! We’re passionate about everything Vancouver, BC related!

Help us celebrate the most amazing city on earth!

Here’s to one of our most special moments! That Vancouver 2010 Winter Games!

Here at Hostpokrov we will be sharing cutting edge information from top experts in their fields pertaining to real estate (including mortgages), medicine, law, accounting, etc. We’d like to bring you information important to you as a Vancouver resident and to highlight experts in their field who live and work in this beautiful city.

Vancouver Contributors to this Blog

We’re going to be constantly adding new Vancouver based experts to our roster of writers, but so far we have 3 experts on board:

  1. Dr. Robert Thompson: Dr. Thompson is a well established Vancouver plastic surgeon with extensive experience with cosmetic procedures, including: breast augmentation, breast lifts, tummy tucks, facelifts, etc. For more information about Dr. Thompson, stay tuned for posts from him, or check him out online at: www.cosmeticsurgeonvancouver.ca
  2. Chris Landry: Chris Landry is a Vancouver mortgage broker with 14 years experience helping those buying a house or condo in Vancouver with their real estate financing needs. If you’re looking for a mortgage, second mortgage or looking to refinance a piece of property, Chris is your guy. As a mortgage broker, Chris Landry has access to the best rates offered by many financial institutions, so you know you’re actually getting the best rate on your mortgage, not just the best rate available at your bank. You can find out more about Vancouver mortgages and Chris Landry at: chrislandrymortgage.ca
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Do You Know This About Getting Gemstone Jewelry Online?

Diamonds from Genesis Rare Diamonds While some types of jewelry may be more fashionable than others, certain gemstones have retained their appeal throughout history. What you can find, though, are semi-precious gems that all people tend to like a lot. There are gemstones that are ideal for every occasion and for every person. So let’s look at some fascinating facts about gemstones and some guidelines on how to select them.

One peculiar jewelry niche that has really become a hit is for beaded gemstones. You can find just about anything you like from finely polished to a more rougher look with uncut gems. It’s also a question of personal preference whether you want all of the stones to be uniformed, or if you more variety. Turquoise is hugely popular with beaded jewelry because of the color and different shapes and sizes. Then you can talk about colors, and there are many dazzling colors from blues, reds, yellows plus many others. So it does not matter, really, where you want to wear this kind of jewelry because it is so versatile. The truly valuable stones, called precious gemstones, are too expensive for many people, however the semi-precious varieties are quite beautiful and much less expensive. We will not tell you what to buy, and we also want to say that perceived value is in the mind of each person. It is truly fascinating to think that if the marketing machines focused on devaluing diamonds, then that is what will happen. It is not hard to find stones that are not so valuable today, but in other times in our past they actually were. As you can see, now, what is viewed one way today was not the same yesterday and will not be the same tomorrow. For addtional information check out Genesis Rare Diamonds immediately.

Buying gemstones in a piece of jewelry is certainly not hard at all, but if you want to make the best decision then that is different. Yet you should also keep in mind how you dress and where you plan to wear your jewelry. Shopping online can be tricky unless they give you the overall weight of the jewelry piece you like. Just think ahead about where you will be using the piece especially if it is a little heavy. Also, the nice thing about gems they can be very tough and take a beating. Also, you may want pieces with a different look for going to work, daily shopping and special occasions.

The history of gemstones is full of adventure and romance. Your personal gems really should be a direct reflection of your own unique self. You can save yourself possible headaches if you perform due diligence before buying any gemstone jewelry online. However, the larger jewelry do have an online presence, so that is great news.

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Mortgage Refinancing In Vancouver

Chris Landry Mortgage VancouverWith the fear of the recession and the extended European debt crisis, the housing prices have gone down, with home mortgage rates falling down to levels not seen for many years. The temptation with such a situation is for borrowers to get into more debt, forgetting that the interest rates may also rise with the corresponding improvement in the economic situation. These are facts you’ll need to take into account when considering mortgage refinance in Vancouver. If you want to refinance your mortgage loan, there are a number of factors you should consider, some of these are discussed below.

Introduction to Mortgages

Low mortgage interest rates offer the best opportunity for any homeowner to get refinancing for his or her existing mortgage loan. Getting a home loan with an interest rate below the one you started your first loan on can be a great way to save money and accelerate paying your existing home mortgage. Although many banks have tightened their lending terms, you can be able to find a lender who will accept your application if you shop properly and if you have 20% equity in your home and a credit score of 740 and above. You can also use the refinancing as a means of improving your credit score.

Low Mortgage Rates in VancouverWhen you are ready to get a refinancing loan, it is important to shop around. The rates vary between the different lenders, but you should look beyond the rates. The quality of service provided by the lender is one of the things you should consider if you want the best refinancing deals in the market. When you find a bank or lender that offers very low interest rates, make sure you take a closer look at them as most of these will have different ways of getting compensated for the low interest rates. This may come in the form of administrative fees or other additional charges. You should also make sure that you inquire about the penalty fees in the event that you do not pay your mortgage on time, and find out the restrictions related to changing your mortgage rate in Vancouver.

Feel Good Vancouver, British Columbia Video

You should make sure that your budget is very clear before you start shopping for refinancing in Vancouver. It will be more helpful if you get pre-approval from a bank before making the plunge. By doing comparative shopping between the different lenders, you’ll get the power to negotiate for the best deal in the market. You should also consider working with an expert mortgage broker like Chris Landry. Chris Landry mortgage broker has been in the business for many years, reputed as a mortgage broker, and can coach you in making great decisions when it comes to getting a loan for refinancing. As an experienced mortgage broker, he can help you navigate the complicated area of mortgage loans and help you avoid making errors that can be costly in the long run. You can avoid unnecessary stress and make informed decisions if you work with an experienced mortgage broker in Vancouver like Chris Landry. For more information about mortgage refinancing check out: http://www.paragonmortgage.ca/team.php

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